Dear Internet Marketer,

PLR isn’t cheap! Even though the $$ signs might try to convince you otherwise.

When you cost in your many hours trying to brand PLR and then add to the mix your frustration and sleepless nights, as you toss and turn while trying to figure out why something isn’t working, PLR can work out very expensive and time consuming. As well as downright frustrating!

So, when this happens to you, what do you nearly always end up doing?

Let me guess!

You give up… and move on to the next project. And that’s only after you’ve spent even more time licking your wounds.

Another lesson learned, eh! But how many more lessons do you really want? Don’t answer that! LOL

You may ask me how come I know that?

The answer is simple: As we say in the UK, been there, done that and got the t-shirt! LOL

And of course, like you, I have a hard drive full of useless PLR that isn’t fit for anyone (or, in some cases, stuff that just got to be too big and cumbersome for my low boredom threshold).

I’ve been marketing on the internet for over 12 years now and I know that the internet has changed and continues to change!

And people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

Yes, they want content. But they want it in bite size chunks.

We’ve become the throwaway society and you, as an Internet Marketer, need to adjust accordingly. And fast!

This is why I’ve come up with something that will cost you next to nothing and which, if you are willing to invest just 5 minutes of your time after you’ve downloaded it, could help you both build your list and increase the loyalty of your subscribers!

I think you are going to absolutely love it so please read on to discover why you’d be crazy to miss this great offer…

Here's why you should grab this now!
  • Capitalize On The High Perceived Value Of Software and Apps. – Don’t Miss Out!

  • Great For List Building New Subscribers Or To Give Value To Existing Ones

  • Perfect As a Bonus For An Existing Product, Either Your Own Or An Affiliate’s

  • Contains 60 Mins. Of Step-By-Step, WordPress Video Tutorials Hosted On YouTube

  • 1000s Battle With WP – Win Friends & Trust By Giving Away Your Branded App.

“Apart from that why else should I buy the app?”

It Will Save You Time, Effort & Money!
  • Unlike Most PLR This Only Takes 10 Minutes Or Less To Fully Brand & Monetize

  • No Website Or Video Hosting Required, As We Host The Video Pages For You

  • No Heavy Downloads – Whole Package Including Branding Tool Is Only 5mb!

  • So Light Your Branded App. Can Be Distributed via Download Links Or Email

  • This Is a Fully Brandable Software App. Available At a Fraction Of What It’s Worth

Here's The PLR Software App. & 13 Ways You Can Brand & Monetize It In 5 minutes or Less - To Make It Your Own!
  • Golden Star Icon
    Can be replaced with an icon of your choice or you can simply leave it as is. If you wish to make your own icon then we provide a link to a free online icon generator.
  • App. Title (Text Next To Icon)
    The app. title (starting with the words above: “If you’re frustrated with WordPress and…” can be replaced with words of your choice or left as is.
  • Headline Text
    The headline (currently “How To Make a Blog Step by Step for Beginners”) can be replaced with words of your choice or left as is.
  • Your Website Text & Display URL
    The words immediately below the headline can be replaced with the words and a display url of your choice – e.g. Visit my great site: yourwebsite.com
  • URL Redirected To When Clicked
    The actual url (hidden) that the user will be redirected to if they click the link can be whatever you choose and maybe an affiliate link or include a tracking link of your choice.
  • Custom Button 1 Caption
    This is the first custom button of two that you can completely customize with whatever text you wish or you may leave as is.
  • Custom Button 1 Redirect URL
    The url that the first custom button is linked to is a ClickBank affiliate product currently with our ClickBank ID. You can change the ClickBank ID to yours or choose another product to promote by inserting a different affiliate link or url.
  • Custom Button 2 Caption
    This is the second custom button that you can completely customize with whatever text you wish or you may leave as is.
  • Custom Button 2 Redirect URL
    The url that the second custom button is linked to is also a ClickBank affiliate product currently with our ClickBank ID. You can change the ClickBank ID to yours or choose another product to promote by inserting a different affiliate link or url.
  • Plus Banner Ads 11, 12 and 13
    All 4 banner ads are for ClickBank affiliate products currently with our ClickBank ID. You CANNOT change the banner ads but you can replace our ClickBank ID with yours. Each of the four banner ClickBank affiliate links includes a tracking ID of “AppPLR” so when you see your ClickBank commission statement you’ll know which commissions have come from your branded app.

“How easy is it to brand and monetize the app?”

Branding Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!
  • Open Branding Tool & Select App.
    Then the easy branding tool form will appear (see image below).
  • Complete Branding Tool Form
    Change whatever you want to change and leave everything else as is.
  • Press the ‘Brand’ Button
    And Abracadabra! It’s done! (Or should that be Hocus Pocus or Shazam, even? LOL)


Here’s a 3 minute video where I show the branding process

Please note this video is taken from the sales video above and is here for folks who don’t watch sales videos! There is a longer video (9 mins) where I might bore you to death ;-) explaining the same things in more detail – and a step-by-step pdf guide (for folks who don’t like videos at all lol) – available after you click the buy button.



“Can I see a sample of the videos?”

Yes you can and here it is! Just under 3 minutes taken from the intro.


“So, what’s this all going to cost me?”

Much, much less than you think.

Price and buy button goes here!

“OK! This looks really great so, David, how come the price is so low?”
I have a cunning plan! LOL!
David Crossland

David Crossland

  • I Don’t Need the Money!
    I started a legal services business here in London in 1990. It currently gives me a very, very good income and has annual sales in 7 figures. However, I still remember the days post divorce when, trying to support my ex wife and kids, I could only afford to live in a trailer home. So, I don’t take my success for granted and always count my blessings.
  • I’m Hoping To Retire Soon
    I’m over 60 (yes, I know I don’t look it! LOL) and know that after I sell my business, god willing, I’ll be bored if I don’t do something else. So this is part of my plan for a retirement hobby/small business, as I love Internet Marketing and am not ready to give up just yet!
  • Most PLR Stuff Just Sits On Your Hard Drive
    I’ve bought loads of PLR, particularly over the last 3 or 4 years. Much more than I’ve used. I wanted to give you value PLR that was super-easy to brand and, of course, great value both to you and to the end user – your subscribers and customers!
  • I Want To Give Something Back
    With my many years of experience, both successes and failures, as an accountant, management consultant and now a successful business owner I think I can offer something to you and to others. By investing in this app. today you’ll also be joining my ‘buyers list’ and this will be our first connection for the future. No promises though! Other than definitely no spam! :-)
“Is there any guarantee with this?”

Yes, of course, and here it is!

“And what about a bonus? Everyone offers a bonus?”

Silver Membership and Testimonial

“What are the license terms for the app. and brander?”

I’ve listed the license terms below.

Price and buy button goes here!

By now you should see the massive advantage this app. is going to give you. It’s super-quick to brand, will have a high perceived value to the end user. And will have your name and affiliate links all over it.

It comes with my personal 100% 30 day, no-quibble, money back guarantee together with a great bonus which you can keep, no matter what!

It will help you with your list building and or as an excellent bonus when selling your own or someone else’s product.

So, what are you waiting for. Go get the app. now. Then brand it to make it yours. You won’t regret it.

To your speedy success,

David Crossland

P.S. This must be the best value PLR you’ve ever seen, when you take into account both the small investment and the tiny amount of your time required. You’d be crazy to pass this up so hit that buy button now before the price goes up.

In other words the brander is for your use only, you cannot resell, give away or pass the brander tool on in any form.

Disclosure: Please note that the first banner (on the top right of the app.) is for our own ClickBank product which will pay you $25 commission per sale :-) See: WPShowMeHow.com/Affiliates

Please note: This is software for the Windows Operating System. It is NOT for Mac!